You can enable discussions around your posts by adding the Disqus Comments Add-On to your site.

Before setting up Disqus comments on, you’ll need to sign up for a Disqus account and create a forum. First, go to and click Sign Up:

Then create a Disqus account:

Then click the Settings icon in the upper right and choose Add Disqus to Site:

Then fill out the Add Disqus to Your Site form - carefully remember the “unique Disqus URL" that you choose. This will be what you enter into after.

Ok, now you have a Disqus community set up! Next you need to put your unique Disqus URL into

Log into and then click Edit Site next to your site name on the dashboard (the pencil icon):

Then click on Add-Ons on the left:

Then scroll down to find the Disqus Comments Add-On and click Set Up:
Then, enter your Disqus unique URL in the box provided and hit save:
That’s it! Now you’ll have comment boxes below all your posts that can be managed at Disqus.