Creating a post and experiencing a sync issue is a frustrating experience, so review this list of tips and tricks to try so you don’t end up with a post that won’t sync.

1) Make sure your note is in the correct notebook

If you log in to and click Edit Site (the pencil icon next to your site name) and then Sources, you’ll see which Sources have “Connected" next to them. Make Evernote is connected. You’ll want to make sure your note is in the correct notebook, usually named the same as your web site is, something like

2) Make sure your note is “simplified" and tagged “published"

Some special formatting options will cause errors in, so to be safe, always “simplify formatting" through Evernote ‘Format’ menu. Your site will only sync notes in the correct notebook that are tagged “published". Double-check that the note you’re syncing is tagged “published". Also, if it’s a Markdown note, you’ll need to tag it “markdown" as well.

3) Make sure you can see your site on your dashboard

When you log in at, do you see your site listed on the dashboard? If not, your site may not have been set up correctly, or may not be linked to your account. The best thing to do in this case is to email support.

4) Wait a few minutes, especially if there are many images in the post

Posts may take longer than usual to publish during high volumes. Images can also take longer to sync than just text or embeds. If you have many images in a post, wait a few minutes and then reload your site.

5) Make a change to the note that’s not syncing and sync again

Sometimes you just need to make a small change to the note in question and let Evernote sync again.

6) Try a manual sync

On your dashboard after logging in, next to your site name, you’ll see an icon that looks like double arrows. This will force a sync between Evernote and and often will iron out any lingering sync issues.

Something else?

If none of these tips solve your sync issue, then please email support and let us know about it. You can always reach us via email at downtime?

While we do everything we can to avoid them, sometimes our team makes mistakes that cause temporary sync delays and server downtime. If this happens, we will keep you updated through our social media accounts on Twitter, or send you a message through support if it’s going to be longer than a couple hours.