You can now have multiple authors on your site. The way to do this is to invite each additional author to share your notebook in Evernote, and ensure that each author has their own account and has filled out the information in their profile.

These are the steps to take to make sure the multiple authors will work...

1) Invite other authors to share your blog’s notebook in Evernote

You’ll want to make sure you share the notebook that your blog is connected to with any other authors you want to contribute.

2) Instruct other authors to join and fill out their profile

In order for to credit the other authors on your blog, they’ll need accounts of their own. Ask them to fill out their profile and avatar by clicking on the face icon in the upper right of their Dashboard after logging in.

3) Ask other authors to create notes in the shared notebook

The authors will need to create any notes to get credit. If you create the note, and they only edit it, then you will be credited as the creator of the note. It’s important that the guest authors actually create the notes in the shared notebook that you would like them credited for.