As a Premium member, you get premier access to three special features that can totally revolutionize the way you manage content as an individual or team.

Here’s how to set up these premium features:

Creating Another Site

From the Dashboard, you can create multiple sites by simply clicking on “Add Another Site". From there, you will be prompted to add site details including the Title, Author, Description and URL (you can add a custom one later). This is same process you went through when you created your first site.

You will also create a new notebook in Evernote during this process. It may be wise to rename this notebook in Evernote so you don’t get confused later on. Plus, don’t forget to add your 'social links’ so your readers can track you down on social media!

Collaborating with Multiple Authors

Typically, when you publish to from Evernote, the name and avatar of the notebook’s owner are shown at the bottom of each post. However, once you subscribe to Premium, will identify multiple authors - as long as they have a account.

To do so, simply invite the rest of your team to create their own account with their bio, avatar, and name. Once they’re set up on, invite them to join the any of your site notebooks through Evernote.

Now, when your fellow contributors create and publish a note from within a shared notebook, will identify them as the author. Their name and avatar with be displayed at the bottom of their post for everyone to see.

Note: The person who “created" the note is the person who will be credited; not the last one to edit; not the owner of the notebook.

Password Protection

Once you’re a premium member, you can password protect a site by going to "site settings" (click the little pencil icon shown on the dashboard) and looking under “Details".

When you scroll to the bottom, you will see the option to 'Password Protect'. Enter the password you would like to use and save your settings. From now on, anytime you or someone else want to view the site, they must enter the password you’ve set. This password can be changed at anytime from Site Settings.


Feel free to chat us up on support if you need a hand getting started.

To learn more about what Premium can do for you, check out this blog post.