We recently updated Evernote authorization to use single notebook authorization, which means you’ll need to connect a specific notebook now to each site you create.

How To Re-authorize Evernote

You’ll need to do this before you can make new posts or update any notes with Evernote. Your site will not go down, but you won’t be able to make any changes to it until you re-authorize. Here’s how:
  • Log into Postach.io and click the pencil icon (Edit Site) next to your site name
  • Click on “Sources" at the top
  • Click “Connect" next to Evernote on the Sources page
  • Choose to use your existing site notebook, or set up a new Postach.io notebook
  • That’s it! Now we’ll only have access to that notebook for this site.
But all my posts disappeared?

This happens if you authorize Evernote, but allow it to create a new notebook called Postach.io instead of choosing the notebook where all your sites posts are in.