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How do I create a post?
To create a post, open Evernote and create a note in the notebook you connected when signing up for When you're happy with your note, tag it with "published" and sync Evernote. To learn more about creating posts, check out the Creating Posts section.

How do I add comments to my blog?
We use the fantastic Disqus commenting tool. Learn how to setup Disqus Comments.

How do I setup a home page?
If you’d like to have a custom homepage created from a note, simply add the "home" tag to a published note, and it’ll replace the « recent posts » default format. If you’d like to go back to the post listing, simply remove the "home" tag from your homepage note.

How do I change my portrait photo?
You can change the avatar on your site by logging into your account and uploading a new photo. Learn more about changing your avatar.